About Us

CSz Boise

We are a global network of companies that transform the world using improvisation, through our unique ability to foster collaboration, inspiration, gratitude and fun. These values enrich the lives of individuals, families, friends, and organizations alike.


CSz Boise is organized very differently from other improv groups. ComedySportz® is our main format, and we’ve been learning it, improving it and perfecting it for 30 years. We share best practices and make each other stronger. We’ve even built flexible systems for how we run our companies. CSz has detailed syllabi for our classes and workshops, and frameworks for custom development. Improv is a highly-refined system of observing, connecting and responding. We improvise, but we don’t “wing it”.


  • Collaboration – working together makes us stronger.
  • Inspiration – working together pushes us to be better.
  • Gratitude – working together helps us appreciate life more.
  • Fun – working together is fun!


With professional managers, players and teachers in 24 cities, we’re widely available to our clients and fans. With 30 years of experience (many of us have been with CSz for 10, 20, even 30 years), we’ve got the experience. CSz has over 600 trained professional players and dozens of instructors active right now – we have a deep bench.

We enable companies to achieve their retention, talent development and marketing goals

CSz Business serves business with customized, clean, hilarious entertainment – we’ve played ComedySportz® for  in a wide variety of applications.

We deliver training, using Applied Improvisation skills and techniques, to enhance work lives and process in customer service, leadership, communications, design thinking, presentation and sales. Agility, teamwork and a culture of “Yes, And…” are the natural results of everything we do.

We offer our deep bench of talent through CSz Creative – from writing through production.

We support individuals and educational organizations in their pursuit of artistic and personal growth.

CSz Boise offers adults, youth, schools and colleges life-changing opportunities to learn improvisation skills and culture in a fun, supportive, professional  atmosphere. We say, “Yes, And…” on a very large scale.

We provide high-quality and reliable programming that organizers can depend on.

Through our regular shows, private events and customized workshops, we help you bring your group together for fun (and learning, if that’s what you seek). Faith-based groups, tour operators, student travel, Scouts, Destination Imagination, families and more have experienced the joy of laughing with us.

Uncommonly fun, interactive experiences. And lots of laughs.

Since 1984, our companies have performed ComedySportz® Matches in our theatres across the US and Europe. It’s a fast-paced show, driven by fan suggestions and improvised on the spot. Two teams compete for laughs and points, one team wins – judged by the fans – and the ComedySportz® referee keeps things moving, keeps things clean and calls the ComedySportz fouls, including the Brown Bag Foul, called on any player or fan who steps over the line of good taste. ComedySportz® is for everyone, and we take that seriously!

In addition to matches at our home arenas, CSz takes ComedySportz® on the road – to thousands conventions and private events every year.

Most of our companies produce and perform

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