Classes for Youth

CSz Education for Youth

Build self-confidence, public speaking ability and presence, get some good stage time and have a great time while you’re doing it!

CSz Education offers a wide range of opportunities for youth to get involved in improvisation.

 Improv teaches teamwork, listening, cooperation, acceptance; it’s also an amazing amount of fun!

Our teachers are professional players with years of experience in front of paying audiences.  We look for ways for every student to make progress; we’re positive, supportive and we know how to make things fun.

Classes vary by city; many CSz Companies offer from among the following:

  • Classes for Youth ages 8-18
  • CSz Summer Camp
  • High School League®
  • Middle School League
  • Advanced Teen Classes
  • Home School League
  • Improv For Families
  • In School Workshops
  • Private Party Workshops
  • Workshops for Destination Imagination Teams
  • Girl Scouts Workshops

Contact your nearest location for CSz Education Youth Classes and Workshops.