ComedySportz® at Your School!

We’re fast-paced, funny, interactive and positive. It’s entertainment that everyone will love and we never talk down to students.

ComedySportz® is the perfect show for grades K-12.

Bring us to your school for a show, a workshop, or a combination. We strongly believe in the value of what we do and are happy to share our personal stories with the students about the positve things improvisation has taught us as individuals and as a team. In fact, we often end our school shows with a question-and-answer session to share what we know about improvisation, acting and teamwork.

Why bring a ComedySportz® Match to your school?

  • 100% kid-friendly, positive entertainment. It’s the kind of entertainment we approve of for our own kids.
  • Interactive and fun. Everyone gets involved and laughs together.
  • Improvisation teaches the importance of sharing, commitment, teamwork, listening, acceptance trust and friendship.
  • Improv is the opposite of bullying – as our show and Q & A can demonstrate.

You can also bring your school group to one of our 24 locations.

We also offer in-class workshops, teaching improv skills, confidence and fun to students of all ages.

Visit our locations to find out more about our classes, workshops, camps, High School League and more!