Entertainment for Company Events

Why not hit a home run with ComedySportz®? It’s fast, it’s funny, and totally relevant to your group. We’re perfect for meetings, seminars, conventions, parties or any event where you want entertainment that leaves people laughing while offending no one.

In a ComedySportz® Match for business, we take suggestions from the audience about your group and your interests and then weave that information into the fast-paced scenes and games we play. Our referee makes certain that the content is all about you. It’s all improvised on the spot, so it’s a lot more fun than a “scripted” show.

We understand how to energize groups after a long day of meetings and breakouts. We’ve even custom-desiged convention “kick-offs”. And why not try to add some team building to the mix? We’re available to do multiple events in a day, and shaking things up with some energetic workshops may be the jolt that brings your group together. Conferences, professional associations, departments, divisions, workgroups – we’ve brought them together with a ton of laughter and energy.

We can play anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, in rooms ranging from giant convention center halls to intimate corners of your local restaurant. In short, it’s entertainment that fits your plans, not the other way around.

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