CSz Business Entertainment

Entertainment for Business

You want your event to be special. You want comedy that’s fresh, appeals to everyone, and offends no one. You want entertainment that’s customized to your company, church or school. You want ComedySportz®

Totally Customized For Your Event. Totally Funny.

It’s the improv comedy show that takes your audience’s suggestions and spins them into hilarious scenes and games. It’s all about YOUR group and your event, and it’s always in good taste. Everybody laughs, every time!

Since 1984. Why Risk Anyone Else?

For 30 years, we’ve been the preferred comedy show for events, meetings, conventions, conferences and more. Why risk hiring a stand-up whose material might not click with your group? ComedySportz® is customized to your event so it works every single time.

Always Positive for Any Event

We’ve entertained at an amazing array of companies, large and small. ComedySportz® is completely flexible and scalable, from a 15-minute United Way Kickoff to a fully produced World Tour. We perform in spaces from conference rooms to outdoor festivals, and everything in between. Our show always tailors itself to your group, and it’s always positive, hilarious and clean.

Easy to Book. Easier to Work With.

It’s about meeting your needs for fast, fun, clean entertainment.

We offer ComedySportz® Match, ComedySportz® Half-Court and ComedySportz® Exhibition formats, something for almost every budget. Need something out of the ordinary? Just ask! Need a location? We’ve got 24 of those.

A small sample of our corporate clients may be found here.

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