School Workshops

CSz Education in Schools

CSZ Education offers your students an opportunity to learn improv by working with some of the most experienced player/teachers around. We teach thousands of workshops to people of all ages each year, including our High School Leagues®, and all of our teachers are professional players.

CSz can develop a workshop to fit into your curriculum, or you can turn us loose to teach the basics of improvisation, including:

  • Listening and accepting
  • Making others look good
  • Narrative
  • Giving up control and sharing the stage
  • Physical space
  • Character endowment
  • Status
  • Scene work
  • ComedySportz® games

We lead with energy, support and positive feedback:

  • The team supports each other
  • We celebrate mistakes and fix them together, rather than judging them
  • We give everyone a chance to shine
  • We allow everyone to play in a safe, nurturing environment
  • We Listen, Trust, Commit, Risk, Accept, Share, Enjoy
  • We say “Yes, And…”

Don’t forget the faculty!

We offer Team Building and Improv Skills Workshops for your teachers and staff, too. They are a great way to kick off the school year, and refresh everyone’s outlook in the winter or spring.

Contact your nearest location for CSz Education In-School  Workshops.